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Tailoring Technology to People. This is us.

About us.   

Some words about us.

Humatects is located in Oldenburg, Northern Germany, and was founded in March 2014 as Spin-Off of the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology.

We offer services for designing and programming Human-Machine Interaction (HMI).

More than 10 years of scientific research on how humans interact with machines have been compiled in model-based processes and tools.

This model-based approach distinguishes Humatects from other companies. Instead of relying on our intuition only, we complement our creativity with sound engineering methods.

Our model-based approach allows to use objective human-centered metrics to build HMI that are easy to understand, easy to use and to which users feel personally attached.

Our customers develop or operate systems for monitoring and control of safety-critical processes:

  • systems for control rooms for traffic, energy and space surveillance,

  • systems for cockpits in aircraft, ships and cars.

Today, innovative software technology is often developed and well mastered using engineering methods; however, the HMI is added at the end in an ad-hoc non-engineering way - an enormous potential is wasted.

Because, HMI that is optimally adapted to the work tasks, the context and the user contributes significantly to the following advantages:

  • efficient task performance - cost reduction,

  • less human errors - safety increase, less downtime,

  • higher user satisfaction - new customers.