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+49 441 36 116 500


By car:

Via the highway A28, exit "OL-Haarentor". Take a right-turn in the direction of the "University". After about 1km, you pass the university on your left. Drive on until you reach a crossing with the restaurant "Papa Rossi" on your right and the fashion store "Bruno Kleine" on your left. At this crossing turn left onto the "Küpkersweg". After 300m turn right on the "Marie-Curie-Strasse". You have reached your destination.

By train:

Humatects is located about 4,5km from the Oldenburg central train station. We recommend taking a taxi for this short trip.

By plane:

Bremen Airport is about 45 km from Oldenburg. Several possible combinations of tram, taxi and train can be used to get to Oldenburg. Listed in the order slowest and cheapest to fastest and most expensive, the possibilities are:

  • Tram to Bremen central train station then train to Oldenburg (approx. 8,5 € for both, tram and train)

  • Taxi to Bremen train station (approx. 10 €) then train to Oldenburg (approx. 6 €)

  • Taxi direct to Oldenburg (approx. 50 €)