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Our Mission

Technology is supposed to ease our workload. It should help us to manage our everyday work faster, more efficiently and also more safely. The development of human-machine interaction requires a deep understanding of the psychology of users and the nature of their tasks. As engineers, we analyze both with scientifically sound methods. That’s why we see ourselves as human-machine architects. In short: Humatects. This is our business philosophy.

Humatects has a close connection to science. This has always been the case. Our company is a spin-off from the OFFIS computer science research institute in Oldenburg and there is a strong cooperation with the DLR Institute for Systems Engineering. We have a close knowledge exchange with these researchers and continuously improve our methods in joint projects. You benefit from this!

Human Machine Interaction

Individual Solutions

Our Services

Humatects develops Interactive Systems – systems that users understand and enjoy working with. To achieve this, we apply technologies of Human-Machine Interaction, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Machine Learning.

We analyze and consult as well as optimize or develop from scratch.

Every order a client places requires customization. For sophisticated technology, there is simply no one-size-fits-all. Every company has its own challenges – and for sure we find the best solution for them.

Enhanced Interaction

Human-Machine Interaction

We provide consulting for the development or improvement of your systems with regard to a human-machine interaction that is optimally aligned to the needs of the user. Criteria are task efficiency, usability, UX or reduced cognitive load.



We elicit requirements for user interfaces with scientifically sound human factors methods.


We derive a design based on user models and usage metrics.


We implement the user interface with the latest software technologies.


We validate and assess the user interface by performing user studies.


We find the best suited AR/VR technology for your tasks. We provide consulting for using AR/VR in your company, e.g. for process optimisation or product presentation.


Our industrial designers create 3D models and 3D animations of your products according to your requirements.

Augmented Reality Development

Our AR experts plan and develop your individual AR system for smartphones, tablets and all variants of smart glasses. We also offer the development of WebAR.

Virtual Reality Development

We create your very own virtual reality for training, product presentations, exhibitions and trade fairs.

A new Dimension

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We develop augmented reality and virtual reality systems tailored to your needs with a special focus on human-machine interaction. We support you from conceptual design to the development of the final system.

Intelligent Assistance

Machine Learning​

We offer tools and services for the development and use of machine-learned user models for human-machine interaction. This allows to adapt assistance systems to individual users or user groups. A focus is on the automotive sector.


We support you in all phases of the modeling process: data selection and preparation, data analysis, model specification and training of the models, model validation and model integration into your products.

Prediction of user behaviour

We provide tools for easy development of user models to predict user behaviour. We support you in the model development process.

Tools for user state recognition

We offer tools for easy development of user models for automated user state recognition (e.g. intention recognition). We support you in the model development process.

Training of personalized models

We develop machine learning procedures to individualize models to enable specific predictions for individual users or user groups.

We apply our knowledge in various domains

Our Fields of Application

We are particularly familiar with the challenges of safety-relevant industries such as Aerospace, Maritime, Automotive and Industry 4.0. In all these domains, we have developed and implemented projects for and together with companies and institutions. 


  • Development of cockpit displays
  • Intelligent adaptation of control and comfort systems
  • Autonomous driving


  • Individualised pilot training
  • Applications for airspace monitoring
  • Applications for control of experiments on the International Space Station (ISS)


  • Systems on the bridge of a ship
  • Innovative support for harbour pilots
  • Shore-side monitoring in traffic and safety centers


  • User interfaces for monitoring energy networks
  • Optimization of control station software


  • Improvement of visualizations (e.g. for anesthesia monitoring).
  • Application of AR in the field of hearing acoustics

Industry 4.0

  • Intelligent remote maintenance support
  • Use of digital twins
  • Predictive maintenance

Our References

Some of our Customers & Partners

Our customers are suppliers, manufacturers and operators of safety-critical systems. We also cooperate with research partners in this field.

Our References

Take a look at our Projects

  • Intelligent Remote Maintenance


    With "Cocomo", we have developed an intelligent assistant that supports technicians in their daily work. "Cocomo" supports remote maintenance and remote installation of machines and production lines.

  • Maritime Pilot Assistance

    Optimized UI for Piloting

    Manoeuvring in harbour areas is a complex process. We have developed optimized situation displays for pilots based on the latest interaction technologies such as AR on glasses & tablets.

  • Driver State Recognition

    DMS - Driver Modelling Suite

    The car of the future will be increasingly automated and responsive to driver needs and states. We have developed software to model and recognize driver states based on machine learning technology.

  • Individualised Pilot Training


    Pilots often have different prior knowledge depending on the types of aircraft they have flown. We have developed a software that can be used to adapt pilot training to this prior knowledge. A focus is on transition training - learning to fly a new aircraft type.

  • Optimized Energy Monitoring

    UI Optimisation for Energy Control Stations

    Energy grids are becoming more diverse and "intelligent"; monitoring and controlling them is a major challenge. We support control room operators by making complexity manageable through intuitive displays. We design and implement control room UIs that improve situation assessment, optimally support the operator tasks and reduce stress.

  • UI in Space

    The Payload Portal

    Bartolomeo is the International Space Station's (ISS) newest platform for standardized scientific experiments. On behalf of Airbus, we developed the human-machine interaction that allows scientists to monitor and control their experiments.

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